Q: How do I upgrade my robot?
A: Enter the botshop, click on the body parts of the robot to upgrade. Watch him grow into a monster robot!
Q: Do you have some tips to defeat a robot faster?
A: First make sure that you buy power ups in the botshop. You can use these during the fight. Choosing a shield will result in blocking the next attack of your opponent, choosing the nitro bonus will result in a 50% more damage on you next attack, choosing the repair option will restore your healt pack by 25%
Q: How do I play against my friends?
A: Choose "challenge mode" in the home screen, pick a robot and click the button "fight a friend". You will get a popup wehere you can enter the UID of your friend. Let the battle begin!
Q: Will my highscore be visible on this website?
A: Yes, when you play in the Challenge mode your highscore will be visible on the Highscore page!
Q: I suggested a feature X a while back ago. When will it be implemented?
A: We add feature requests to our list. We then select the most requested features and do our best to implement them.
Q: Where can I get this game?
A: Right here. Or search for ‘Chrome Wars’ in iTunes or the App Store on your iPod/iPhone.
Q: What is gamesclub.com?
A: Gamesclub.com is a casual gaming website where you can play free online flash games. Why don’t you give it a try? Go to Gamesclub.com! You don’t need your iPhone just a PC will do!

If you find a bug, or have other problems with the game, please mail to [email protected]